1. Householders’ Comprehensive Policy
    This Policy covers personal effects and other contents of a house against fire and allied perils and loss or damage by theft to contents, including fixtures and fittings.The Insured’s legal liability to Third Parties for injury, death or damage to their property is also covered.
  2. Commercial Combined Policy
    This product enables a corporate entity to insure all insurable risks under one Policy. The client does not need different insurance policies for different risks thereby avoiding gaps between and overlaps of cover.
  3. Fire Policy
    This Policy provides compensation for loss of or damage to residential, commercial and industrial properties by Fire/Lightening and Allied perils such as flood, impact, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, riots, strikes and civil commotion.
  4. Burglary Policy
    This Policy provides cover for loss of or damage to property by theft following actual forcible and violent entry into or exit from the premises. It also covers damage to the premises as a result of the entry or exit or attempt thereat by burglars.
  5. Motor Vehicle Insurance
    There are three types of cover for vehicle owners as follows:

    • Comprehensive Cover: This policy gives the widest cover obtainable and indemnifies the insured against Loss of or damage to insured, legal liability for death of or bodily injury to third parties and damage to third party properties.
    • Fire and Theft Cover: This policy indemnifies the insured with respect to liability for: Death of or bodily injuries to third parties, Damage to third party property and theft or fire damage to insured’s vehicle.
    • Third Party: This covers the insured’s liability to third parties for: Death or bodily injuries and damage to their properties.
  6. Personal Accident Policy
    This policy pays compensation to the Insured for death or bodily injury following an accident. The Policy also pays for medical expenses incurred in connection with the accident.
  7. House Owners’ Policy
    The House Owners Policy provides cover for loss or damage to private dwelling houses, resulting from fire and allied perils. The Policy also covers expenses incurred by the Owner due to the dwelling being uninhabitable following loss or damage due to an Insured Peril.
  8. Domestic Package Insurance
    This Policy provides insurance for the building and contents against fire and allied perils and theft or any attempt thereat.A Third-Party Liability cover for injury or damage to property is also available.